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We’re thrilled to bring you a special episode in collaboration with the Future Families Work project and the University of Liverpool podcast team. Join us to unravel the complexities of managing roles and identities in the context of modern family life. 

Many couples enter into a relationship expecting to share work and non-work roles equally. However, as children enter the picture, a myriad of challenges, from unequal workplace policies to cultural expectations, can disrupt this initial egalitarian vision. In this insightful episode, Dr. Laura Radcliffe, a key member of the Future Families Work project, joins us to explore how heterosexual couples navigate the shifting dynamics between work and home life. 

From the impact of workplace policies to societal expectations, our discussion delves into the experiences of couples as they grapple with the evolving balance of roles and identities. As families grow, so does the complexity of managing the division between work and non-work roles, leading many couples to reflect on and adapt to the changing landscape of their lives. 

🎧 Tune in for: 

  • Candid conversations on the challenges of maintaining equality in roles. 
  • Insights into the impact of workplace policies on family dynamics. 
  • Dr. Laura Radcliffe’s expert perspective on the evolving landscape of modern families.