Understanding real-world challenges: Case Study & Reflection

Navigating working from home

"Homeworking does make you the more default parent, which has its own issues, I suppose, because there is an expectation you do all of that as well as work. I mean, it’s a lovely job to have because it has flexibility, but the only downside of that is you’re then the person who’s expected to offer all flexibility in terms of managing, managing the kids. So, that probably has its own issues from time to time."

Intrusive workplace technology

"I look a worn out frazzled mess, unlike my office appearance and I don't want my work colleagues seeing me like this on zoom. I also don't want them to see my child having a tantrum in their own home broadcast around my company"

Juggling daily life and work responsibilities

"Trying to fit everything in is the constant, you know, process of things and it feels much more like my entire time is spent trying to figure out how much stuff I can fit into an hour if I’m really careful about it."

Introducing our toolkit: tips, guidance & resources

Introducing our comprehensive toolkit designed to support and empower home-working mothers in navigating the challenges and opportunities of balancing work and life. It's crucial to provide the necessary tools and resources for mothers to thrive in their professional and personal roles.

Our toolkit also addresses common concerns faced by home-working mothers, such as managing domestic responsibilities, creating boundaries, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We believe that by equipping mothers with the knowledge and support they need, organisations can cultivate a culture of inclusivity and empower these valuable contributors.

Join us in promoting the success of home-working mothers by utilising our toolkit and embracing a more flexible and supportive work environment.

Together, we can champion work-life harmony and unlock the full potential of home-working mothers.