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Homeworking mothers

Delving into the world of mums making the transition to working from home, our research reveals a fascinating array of strategies they employ to navigate this new terrain.

Essentially, it's a dynamic process of adjustment, where mums tap into their resilience and creativity to carve out a new normal in their work environment, embracing the flexibility and adaptability that comes with the territory of remote work.

Homeworking fathers

Although significant attention and effort have been dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by working mothers, it is important to recognise that the experiences of employed fathers are often overlooked. The term "the employed father" is seldomly used in discussions surrounding work-life balance and parental responsibilities.

However, it is imperative to acknowledge that in recent years, the landscape of parenting for employed fathers has undergone notable transformations.

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Single parents

Being a single parent, whether it's for a short stint or for the long haul, it's like stepping onto a rollercoaster that could completely reroute your career path. Shouldering all the responsibilities of parenting on your own isn't just a temporary adjustment.

From juggling childcare to managing work commitments, every twist and turn in the journey of solo parenting has the potential to reshape the landscape of your career trajectory.