Understanding real-world challenges: Case Study & Reflection

An employed father embracing remote work

"I have been working remotely now since back in September 2019 after the company moved to new offices. As part of that move, all staff were required to ‘hot desk’ ..."

The challenges of working from home

"I really miss my commute. It gave me literally an hour and a half of uninterrupted work time. So, I’d clear all my emails before I got into the office, which meant I could start work straight away..."

Navigating the work-home blurring

"Oh, what’s the problem? Why are you so stressed when you don’t have to commute?”. This has often made me feel self-conscious that I’m not working as well ..."

Introducing our toolkit: tips, guidance & resources

This toolkit aims to change that narrative by providing practical strategies and resources to address the unique challenges faced by employed fathers in managing their work and family responsibilities.

From navigating the evolving dynamics of employed fatherhood to understanding the changing expectations in the modern workplace, this toolkit offers valuable insights and actionable steps to foster work-life balance for fathers.

It equips employers with the knowledge and tools to create an inclusive environment that recognises and supports the work-life needs of all parents, including fathers.

By implementing the strategies outlined in this toolkit, organisations can promote gender equality, enhance employee well-being, and cultivate a culture that values work-life balance for everyone.